One can choose to live in negativity and vote out of fear …or one can look to the future with optimism, love, hope, respect, understanding, acceptance, equality, joy and an ethic for hard work to vote for a step in a positive direction.

It’s your choice, vote your conscience.

10 thoughts on “Her

  1. Im not usually this passionate over politics, but Hillary gave me chills and tears last night with her speech. How anyone can’t see and feel a difference in these two candidates……puzzles me.

    • With the inundation of negativity out there I understand what you share. But Look it Here….I see it as a choice. I am a supporter of hers and I hope she wins. I can sit and worry with pessimism (which accomplishes nothing but stress on me) or I can donate, volunteer, write, share, promote, talk, call, knock doors, walk neighborhoods, drive voters to polls and a number of other contructive tasks that leave me feeling good that I support her with my whole being.
      Please don’t get me wrong I’m not coming down on you, I’m hopefully offering inspiration and hope. Tomorrow, Monday, I’m mailing a check. After that I’m finding out where my talents can help through action.

  2. It was truly inspirational. Such a positive message about our future! 8 years ago there was virtually NO talk of GLBT issues at the convention. This time nearly every speaker mentioned GLBT equality in some form or another.

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