I pity them

So this extremely talented young man opened one of the Democratic Convention Nights with his moving A cappella rendition of our United States of America National Anthem. I commend him for an amazing job well done. He is an inspiration.

I posted this from the best copy I found over on YouTube. This copy doesn’t have many views or remarks as of the timing of this posting. There are some other copies with some less than complimentary remarks … to flat out hate filled racist remarks. News has it there is a big kerfuffle going on over on Twitter as well …you know because he isn’t white, therefore apparently in their minds “not American”, and is wearing traditional clothing of his familial ancestral heritage.

I have news for those poor pitiful individuals who are all up in arms:  Not only is he “American”, he was born in San Antonio Texas (which is actually in the USA) and is the son of a 24 year US Navy veteran. The United States of America is a melting pot of colors, cultures, religions, beliefs and traditional familial heritage. The word “American” does not have the definition “a white Anglo Saxon.” …by the way…America is not the name of this country either. The United States of America is just a part of a greater America that makes up the Western Hemisphere of this here planet we call home. There is North America and South America. Everyone who is born in these two continents is actually “American.” I’m sorry that you apparently missed this during your 8th grade geography class, but now you know and you are welcome …I’m glad to be of service since you were out skipping class that day…now grow the fuck up.


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