Getting into Comic Con

Its that week, Comic Con 2016! WooHoo!

Fearsome has the Golden Ticket of all 4 days plus preview night! Too bad he has to rely on me and the recovering shoulder to get him there. Don’t get me wrong we will not miss one day of attending but our attendance time will be limited by the need for a shoulder’s rest.

We will post photos to keep all of you in the know of just a few of the fabulous scenes, costumes and frivolity at the San Diego Convention Center over the next few days.

Shoulder updates are this….we are recovering well as long as we rest and keep the left arm immobilized. We see the surgeon again next week. We are loving the fact we can now shower, it was a week without…ewwww. Physical therapy will start in a couple weeks. We will be able to start driving next week (on the sly) but still must keep left arm immobilized. This was way more of an ordeal than I thought it would be but it’s done and we are better each day.

In the mean time let the boys show you just what it’s like trying to get this golden ticket that Fearsome scored more than 6 months ago…


3 thoughts on “Getting into Comic Con

  1. I know a certain retired occupational therapist who shall remain nameless who dislocated her shoulder and had to be immobilized in a sling for 2 or 3 weeks. She put a spinner knob on her car to make driving easier with one hand. Hint — they’re inexpensive if you buy one designed for a rider mower or something, but ones “officially” designed for cars are expensive. However, technically, you’re supposed to have a legal permit to modify a car’s driving mechanism (at least in Canada) so she had to call upon her inner scofflaw to pretend she didn’t know that.

    Have fun at Comic Con, you lucky guy!

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