Fearsome’s shoulder surgery adventure

Ok so this just freakin’ hurts.

You see I had a calcium deposit on the end of the shoulder bone that was to be removed via Arthroscopic Acromioplasty -and- A biceps Tenodesis procedure. I was warned beforehand that if a rotator cuff tear was found while they were in there it would be repaired, however no tear APPEARED present on MRI.

Well when I snapped the post operative selfie that was posted Wednesday still under the left over anesthesia I didn’t really know what had taken place. My surgery had taken much longer than estimated due to a significant tear in that rotator cuff. The calcium deposit they were removing had pretty much turned my tendon into hamburger.

All fixed now. All fixed but my estimated recovery time has now doubled and the pain is everything that anyone who has had shoulder surgery will share in detail when given the opportunity.


So while I will be getting better soon….right now pain meds are my friend. My friend in relief even though I hate the way they make me feel overall, they do relieve the pain.

I’ll be back soon and in the mean time you know why I may be a bit absent.



14 thoughts on “Fearsome’s shoulder surgery adventure

  1. SHIT! you are like a baseball player, having that kind of surgery. at least you can watch the all-star game next week from petco park. we (the phillies) have a single human in that game.

    take your meds and rest rest rest. LOVE YOU!

  2. OMG! Someone pass the smelling salts or I’m sure to flake out. But YOU are the priority so take care and do all that’s advised, including putting your blog on hold if that’s the better for you.
    Hope your return to normality is at lightning speed and that you’ll be back in full life-operating mode before very long.
    Best wishes with it.

  3. Sorry for the kind of over-personal response, but I hope that they told you to take a stool softener/laxative with the pain pills. Those pain pills constipate you like nobody’s business and when you’re already in pain, you don’t need any more anywhere else. Best wishes for a quicker than they predict recovery!

  4. I think I can share some of your pain fearsome; I chipped the ball of my humerus in an auto acciden years ago, which made it (temporarily) impossible to raise my arm out from my side. It healed* as my doctor had said, but how does a chip heal? lol Now though I have full use of my arm, my grip will randomly let go, and it seems there’s a bump on the ball of my humerus as I lift weights or just lift my arm, I can feel the clicking in my shoulder…ugh, the human body! Take care my friend, and be beard strong!

  5. Take the time to recover. I trust you will use the down time wisely. Be cautious of the pain pill side-affect.

  6. I broke my collarbone a couple of years ago in a cycling accident and required surgery to plate and fit a strap to the tendon. Took ages to recover if you include all the physio. Get well soon dude and enjoy those meds!

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