A simpler time…

I’m not sure if any time is actually a simpler time than another. If one really looks at recorded human history, we haven’t ever gotten everything right. There is an occasional period where we seem to all have our shit together better than most other times. Those periods appear to be brief and far between.

Now this isn’t to say that humans are always doing shitty things to each other, the planet and the other beings we share the planet with. There is a lot of good. There is a lot of love, care and compassion. Humans are capable of wonderful things. Humans are capable of causing shit storms as well.

I think the key is to try to learn, strive to do better and most of all share love & respect every chance one gets. 

The simpler time I refer to in the title heading is childhood. For me childhood was simpler. Childhood was more care free and the world seemed to be magic: Running through the grass barefoot, catching fireflies, watching the birds hatch their young in a nest just outside the window, sliding down flat rocks in a cold rushing creek and even trying to go to sleep knowing Santa was on his way.

Back in 1973 I didn’t care about Nixon resigning or that there was contempt for the vets returning from Vietnam. I spent the summer of 1973 with my brothers on Myrtle Beach SC. There was music, damn good music.


5 thoughts on “A simpler time…

  1. Childhood is simpler because our parents did all the actual work and shouldered all the responsibilities. All we had to do was learn, explore, have fun and be kids. Who wouldn’t long to be in that position again?

  2. I think the bee goddess hit the nail on the head!

    the watergate hearings interrupted my soap operas; I was in college and HAD to have “all my children” to get me through the afternoon classes.

  3. I remember the summer of 1977 as a period that felt it wouldn’t end. It was a glorious hot summer and I felt there wasn’t a care in the world. But I was 6, what did I know?

  4. When I was kid our car did not have seatbelts and I rode my bike without a helmet. I survived. Summers seemed to last forever, Now it seems like they are over in ten minutes

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