Objective Accomplished

The past week was a whirlwind. Hours of hard work. Emotions flowed as we filled a three car carport and driveway full of many of dad’s things. There are more, but that is for another time on another trip. The sale went well as we priced it all to move. About a third of the items didn’t sell and are boxed up, 26 boxes total, for charity pick up next week.

A post I wrote on 5/27/16 really helped me through this experience. I thank Sunrise Chatterbox for his words of wisdom. While possessions can bring joy, possessions can also be a burden. It was time for those possessions to start the journey they are now on, bringing new meaning and purpose to their existence.

This here blog thingy is about sharing experience and recording emotions surrounding life experience. I admit to tears. I also admit to surprise, laughter, fulfillment, irritation, exhaustion, camaraderie, bewilderment, confusion, numbness, loneliness, love, respect, anger, fun, disgust, joy, amusement and most of all accomplishment.


Some of those emotions may seem callus when sharing about disposal of a father’s belongings. They aren’t. Emotions are real. While they aren’t tangible objects, they are expressions and feelings that change us, move us, teach us and shape us. Those emotions are life experience and are meant to be felt and felt deeply.

My father left the physical plane in which we live. Our physical existence is only fleetingly temporary in the scheme of this vast universe. In this embodiment we have we experience many things, but our physical senses are limited and cannot experience dimensions outside of our realm.

My father has moved on physically, yet his love is being passed on by everyone he touched to those that they touch just as the love was passed to him from others we may have never known.

Fearsome asked that I post two of his absolute favorites…..


7 thoughts on “Objective Accomplished

  1. It is a task we all must do for sure (or should do.) When my Mom passed in 1999, my Dad was so upset, he was getting ready to leave, and he asked that I clean out Mom’s room, and hoped I’d be done by the time he returned. I ended up moving in with my Dad a few years later to help keep an eye on him, and I lost him in 2002. The cleaning and repurposeing i think it helps us cope me thinks though.

  2. After her health situation back in March, it became clear to everyone including her that Spouse’s 86-year old mother would no longer live alone. Plans quickly resulted in clearing out her home in preparation to refresh and list it. Spouse brought home some of her possessions which hold sentimental value to him, which have yet to even be opened from their packing boxes 3 months later. Your statement “While possessions can bring joy, possessions can also be a burden.” resonated with me. We literally have no place to display or admire the sentimental possessions, but the heart can’t be convinced of this. Great post. I’m happy that you share yourself so generously here.

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