Lessons from the Pacific Crest Trail

A little while back I mentioned that the brother of a friend was blogging his travels on foot from Mexico to Canada via the Pacific Crest Trail. The trail that the film Wild made famous.

His name is Matt and his blog is linked over in our Fearsome Buds Blogroll. Just click Traveling Matt and you will land on his page. His story is fascinating. The pictures are great and the prose well written. If you have a hankering for reading about a personal journey and adventure, I suggest starting at the beginning. I think you will find it an enjoyable read. At this point he is only about 1/3 of his way through the trek so far.

Yesterday I had a moment to get caught up on reading his tales of the trail and stumbled upon this passage:

“As for lessons from the trail, the requirement to carry your possessions such distances does indeed make you rethink what is really necessary. Your possessions are a burden on the trail, and so their benefit must absolutely outweigh that burden. This is true in normal life as well, but the burden is less noticeable in the short-term and it’s easier to be convinced that the benefits of your possessions outweigh the burdens; on the trail it becomes a simple analysis of weight versus utility, and few items pass the hurdle.”

You can find the full post from which that passage came HERE.

Fearsome’s little blog thingy we have here is about growth. It’s the contemplation of life. It’s about meaning. We like to share our inspirations. Traveling Matt is a blog of inspiration.


5 thoughts on “Lessons from the Pacific Crest Trail

  1. I have been checking his blog from time to time, a fascinating read. We carry a lot of baggage, things – material possessions, people – some we need – some we don’t, guilt, concerns, worries. Learning what we need and what we don’t is not easy, but pays dividends.

    I learned a lot about things, when I started the job in DC, I left most of the things, books, furniture, art in the house in Lexington. After a few years, I barely remember that I own most of it. I can now part with most of the 3,000 books in the other house.

  2. Thanks for the kind comments and for reading. I do appreciate the feedback as it’s really my first attempt at exposing my thoughts and experiences this way.


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