Intriguing Beat

Paul Simon. Talent, longevity, creative, political, stimulating, artistic, fabulous.

I’ve always enjoyed the man’s music. Above I listed just the first few words that entered my mind as I typed his name. He has a new tune out, named Wristband, that will soon be followed by a new album called Stranger to Stranger.

I’ve been listening to this new diddy on the radio for just about a month. I liked it immediately. It gets my toes a tappin on the floorboard as Fearsome bobs up and down in the windshield like one of those little bobbing dogs for the dashboard. It wasn’t until yesterday that I really listened to the lyrics. Thus I add a new adjective to those I listed above, insightful.

Above is my familiar radio version and it just happened to have the lyrics that I hadn’t really been paying much attention to, until yesterday.

Below is a live performance that he did on The Prarie Home Companion apparently debuting the song just three months ago before its release a couple months later. This is a treasure to watch.

May I be as talented, vibrant and insightful at 75 as Mr. Paul Simon.



6 thoughts on “Intriguing Beat

  1. He really has made some special music for the last 5 or 6 decades, hasn’t he?

    I cannot even hear a snippet of Graceland without needing to hear the entire thing again.

  2. Great song from a true master! Thanks for alerting me to this new song and forthcoming album — it’s not on my “to buy” list. I’ve been a Paul Simon fan since the late 60s — Feelin’ Groovy!

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