Damn good

Fearsome is ecstatic. His new Whisker Dam arrived in our mailbox today.

Whisker Dam

Whisker Dam

Fearsome’s mustache has been on the grow of recent. You see after Fearsome’s big trim last fall we decided to return to growth over mistakenly perceived necessity for a conforming conservative look. We also decided to let his mustache grow into its glory as well, with no unnecessary trimming. You know…big beard AND big ‘stache…

Beverage challenging Fearsome 'stache

Beverage challenging Fearsome ‘stache

After stumbling upon the Whisker Dam and reading a couple reviews I decided to treat us to one and see if this thing might really work. We are happy to report that yes the Whisker Dam is a mightly fine product. No more coffee stains all down the front of my shirt. Why we might even dare to wear white again, on occasion, now that we have one of these fabulous thingys.

If you are a hirsute fellow like ourselves, or just a plain old pogoniac, we highly recommend clicking HERE to go over to the Whisker Dam website and pick up one for yourself.

As they say on their website, “It’s like an umbrella for your face”.


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