Another day

I live today, to die another day.

I choose to live today, therefore I will not die today. In choosing to live, I am choosing to postpone death to another day.

I’ve  heard the quote that if you aren’t growing, you are dying. I can’t recall the source but I’ve heard it.

Fearsome Beard, the blog, was started to further my growth.

I believe that when one shares, one gives. When one gives one receives.

I have learned much from others through their sharing their own introspection. Thus through my own introspection I grow as well. Sharing that introspection contemplation may help me grow even further, as it touches others and enriches myself.

Death can be the physical. Death may also be emotional, spiritual or mental. Death isn’t necessarily just the life force in the body. Death can be many things.

Today I will live. Some other day I will die. My focus will not be on that other day as I live in the present. Today I live.

One day I will die. It’s the cycle that is life, the Merry-Go-Round we all ride. Today is not yet that day. That day is another day.


7 thoughts on “Another day

  1. What inspires me most about the hours before night turns into day is that they can, if you allow them, remind you that everything that was remains in the darkness of the past, while all things possible lie ahead in the dawn of the new day.

  2. To be honest I can’t quote little sayings or cliches here because it’s something that is on my mind a lot lately as I get older, it frightens me. One day you realize that the light at the end of the tunnel is a train coming towards you, there maybe that’s more of an anti-cliche. Not trying to ruin your post, it’s just how I feel lately.

    • Not ruining the post at all. I post what I’m contemplating in hopes it might stimulate others in a way that may hopefully lead to a positive contemplation for them as well. The fact you commented means it touched you in some way. I appreciate your comment. The key is to look for the useful way to use these shared thoughts for yourself.

      In this post one of the points I’m contemplating is living to the fullest each moment I can, hopefully right up to the last moment.

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