Sacrificial dreams

So a few days back I posted THIS, which was inspired by THIS.

I’ve been contemplating my words every day since I wrote that post. I believe in the magic that is life. I believe in my power to create and your power to create. In that post I wrote these words:

“We, the Better Half and I, work hard. We dream. We act. We give. We appreciate. We love. Sure sometimes the shit hits the fan. The shit only becomes a problem if we focus on it. As long as we look beyond the shit and focus on the important end goal, things happen. Good things happen.”

Therein lies a key. Those words were meant to convey that while the magic is there, the magic isn’t necessarily “abracadabra” and “poof” your dreams are reality. It’s meant to point out that sometimes dreams involve work, that sometimes dreams are not without sacrifice.

I believe that if everything I desired just suddenly appeared in my hands that my life would be without meaning. My life would frankly be boring. The fun, the experience, is in the work. The sacrifice that I must make in order to achieve my goals and receive my dreams is what makes life rich. The riches I find at the end of my rainbow are fulfilling only if I achieve them myself…through my own action.

The fun is in the journey. The important part is to keep dreaming and setting new destinations so that things never get boring.

So what if some dreams don’t come true and I find some disappointment? Looking back on what happened I usually realize that I either didn’t fully want that missed dream, or there was something I wasn’t willing to sacrifice for it, or I simply had replaced it with a new goal. Some dreams are just that, a sacrifice that must be made for another…maybe just a stepping stone. It’s ok to glance back, but only glance …then look forward. Move forward toward your dreams.

Everything in my life started with a thought. I made those thoughts into my reality. Some take work and some come easy but they all come to me through my own magic. My magic is the magic that is life itself, the miracle that is me. The same miracle that is you.

Go ahead, dream your dream. Before you know it another one of your dreams will be yours. Want to speed up the process? Feel gratitude for what you’ve achieved thus far. Want your dreams even faster? Help someone else toward their dream and you’ll be amazed at what happens. Amazed.

6 thoughts on “Sacrificial dreams

  1. “You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it come true. You may have to work for it, however.” ~ Richard Bach from The Messiah’s Handbook

  2. Great post! One has to be grateful for a prosperous life. Prosperity is not just about financial success. It’s about having a great people in your life, the things you experience and how you give back.

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