Turn your magic on

From the wisdom interwoven in the lyrics of my earlier post featuring Coldplay’s Adventure of a Lifetime I reminisce about the wonders of my own life. I sit in awe of the gifts, blessings and love that I’ve received and experienced in this blip of time that is my life.

Back in high school I dated a girl named Julie. Julie lived in a big beautiful split level up on Round Hill. Round Hill was a neighborhood where the rich kids lived that attended my high school. After climbing the stairs up to the front door and taking in the amazing view I rang the bell and her bear of a father answered the door. He was a jolly man who was just checking out the young man who was about to take his daughter out in a 1966 Mustang with the top down. The living room was massive and had a view of the whole city below from the bay window. As we drove away I remember thinking one day, maybe one day…

I remember my my first trip to Ft. Lauderdale Florida in 1984. My first lover, Tim, and I went to visit a friend Chris from our hometown. Chris had moved there and was enthusiastic about his new home in the tropical paradise that is South Florida. Chris gave us the tour and showed us all the highlights. Emblazoned in my memory was him pointing out the beach condos and boasting about the handsome prices they brought. I remember thinking to myself as we drove by one day, maybe one day…

Shortly after moving into our little rental in San Diego I was out for a walk with my two dogs familiarizing myself with the neighborhood. We had just moved here from Seattle and rented a fixer of a little house. By accident that little house just happened to be in one of San Diego’s best and priciest neighborhoods. We somehow had just rented the least expensive home in an incredible neighborhood. The homes were stunningly beautiful, historic and stately. As I walked down one of the quaint streets I saw one on a hill. It was a classic California craftsman on a hill that just seemed to speak to me. I remember thinking one day, maybe one day…

Back in 1998 my cute new buddy Clayton took me to my first Major League Baseball game, a Padres game. He parked us in seats right on the field behind first base. I had never been interested in pro ball, much less baseball, yet suddenly I was a fan. A big fan, I was sold. I started attending games regularly. I told myself one day, what if one day…

We, the Better Half and I, work hard. We dream. We act. We give. We appreciate. We love. Sure sometimes the shit hits the fan. The shit only becomes a problem if we focus on it. As long as we look beyond the shit and focus on the important end goal, things happen. Good things happen.

As I write this I sit in my seat watching the Padres play. My season ticket seat, my seat I’ve had for years field level right above first base at Petco Park. Later I’ll drive home to my house, that very same Calfornia craftsman that seemed to speak to me on my walk that day in 1991. I remember well that day in 1986 I bought and moved into the house where Julie’s bear of a father checked me out before I took his daughter out, the house on the hill where the rich kids lived. Earlier today I wired the funds to pay off the mortgage on the apartment building we own in Ft. Lauderdale Florida. Now we can start applying the rental income from that building toward the mortgages of the two condos we own in those very buildings on Ft Lauderdale beach that Chris drove me by so many years earlier.

Did my dreams come immediately? No. Did dreams other than these come true? Yes. Did all my dreams come true? No. Will most of my dreams come true if I work for them, toward them, believe in them, believe in myself? Yes. Do I know just how this magic works? No. Do I need to know? No. Do I need to believe? Yes.

….from the wisdom in the words of Coldplay’s tune…”Everything you want is just a dream away”

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