Disturbingly beautiful

I’ve rather enjoyed this tune by Tame Impala on the car stereo the past few months since its release. I hear it often on Sirius XM Spectrum.

Today I decided to pull up the video and give it a post. You know spice up the blog with some tunes. Well this will spice it up alright. Wow …what an unexpected video. It tells the story of the lyrics in a disturbingly beautiful way. Which after a second, actually third, viewing I’m realizing mirrors the lyrics relationship to the music that conveys them.

Well done Tame Impala, I’m finding that as I grow older and wiser ‘the less I know the better’ is often sage advice.



One thought on “Disturbingly beautiful

  1. I never heard of Tame Impala but I like the song. The video’s art direction and imagery are off the hook! Thanks for sharing.

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