Fearsome Yogi

I’m coming upon two years since I started yoga. Here is a pic from one of my very first classes that I featured here on this here blog thingy as one of me very first posts:

Fearsome does Yoga May 2014

Fearsome does Yoga May 2014

I’ve come a long way since this photo but don’t worry as I’m no where near the Beard of the Day from earlier today. Fearsome has come along way as well. At one point last spring when I would go upside down into a headstand or handstand he would fall down over my eyes. Back in October he had that huge hedge trimming and slimmed down to his streamlined business look. Fearsome being the go getter he is, is growing back at a respectable pace.

As I lay here preparing for a nights slumber I contemplate what yoga does for me, what it means to me. I find yoga incredibly relaxing. Even though I often break a nice sweat, I’m relaxed. The breathing, the stretching, the focus, the challenge all work together to bring clarity.  Yoga takes strength, yet it builds strenght through the practice of it without my realizing just how much strength it is building. My abdomen is stronger that it has ever been and I’ve always been into some form of excercise. My flexibility is beyond my expectations and without feeling like I’m pushing myself to achieve it.

I will continue yoga. I will commit to adding to the number of classes I take as I believe it is doing me good. I feel great. I’m stronger yet more flexible. I relax, concentrate, focus, let go and control all at once. Sometimes I leave class feeling like I’ve had a massage, but yet I’m sweating from all the activity.

As most of you know when I contemplate I take the definition of what I’m contemplating and mull it over…



6 thoughts on “Fearsome Yogi

  1. and as we age, strength and flexibility are necessary to combat arthritis. of course, fearsome never ages.

    PS – we won again! 🙂
    today’s game starts at 1p; a businessperson’s special, they call it.

  2. I envy you. I keep meaning to retry Yoga but never get around to it.
    I think I would be physically and mentally so much better to be back at it.

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