Now I know Y’alls know Fearsome loves him some Macklemore…

We’s a decided to post a Downtown video off with another Fearsome favorite Lady Antebellum…

But it sure ain’t complete without rounding it out with the original Petula Clark, now is it not?…

Whatchu think?




11 thoughts on “Downtown

  1. Well, since you asked, I’d love to spend a night or week in bed with Macklemore. He is beyond sexy!!!!! As for the other two, they are favorites as well. Maybe one day soon I’ll feature Emma Bunton’s version of Downtown. It’s pretty cute, but not to be out done by Petula herself, of course.

  2. Still being soundless, alas, I’m unable to compare these different versions. But I’m wondering if the re-mixed disco version of the Petula Clark was a hit in America as well as here, when it reached #10 in 1988. The original ’64 release got to #2 here whereas it topped the American Billboard charts for two weeks. I also read, incidentally, that the song was originally intended for ‘The Drifters’.

  3. I’ll hmmmm the Petula version the rest of the day now. I remember the trips downtown to Thalhimers and Leggets before Crosswoods Mall was a if deal.

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