A Hipster Accusation

A few months ago I was alone in my Real Estate office. Usually Tom is there and he is the one who handles walk-ins. For some reason when I popped by to grab some paperwork no one was there. Tom most likely had a client walk in and had to leave to show them something. Our office is a small neighborhood office. We are a branch office of a large local company. So we work like that. Often there is someone around, most likely Tom, sometimes there’s a sign on the door saying sorry we missed you. It was a sorry we missed you moment so, although not prepared when I arrived, if someone walked in I was the man.

Someone, a couple, walked in. I introduced myself and they told me what they were looking for. Their home had sold in Santa Barbara and they were looking for an old eclectic neighborhood like the one surrounding our office. I did a search for them, found some listings that fit their needs and had some conversation that did initial vetting making sure they were real. I then shared the listings and some neighborhood history.

I then asked of they would like to get together later in the day or the next to maybe see a home or two. That’s when the husband excused himself outside and his wife dropped the bomb. “I’m sorry” she said, “We will need to ask if you have anyone else in your office that can help us”. Obviously noticing the puzzled look on my face she continued, “We just don’t understand you Hipsters with your beards and cuffed jeans. We need an agent that we can better relate to and trust.”

Hipster? Did she just call me a Hipster? I’m in my 50s, this couple was probably 45. I’m a Hipster?

I explained I was the only one in the office at the moment. I told her that if she desired they could come back in an hour or so and my associate would have returned as he was out on appointment at the moment, or if they wanted I was happy to set an appointment for them with him. She replied that they would find another company. I was fine with her decision. I don’t desire judgmental people in my life, nor do I care to work with them.

Yeah I get it, Fearsome is a big beard. I’ve had him, or a portion of him, as part of my facial features almost continuously since he first appeared around 1980. I also started cuffing my 501 jeans about 1980. I’ve worn them cuffed since that time as well. Big beards and cuffed jeans are commonplace and I had never considered them to be the sole indicators of Hipster. I was under the impression that Hipsters were a tad under 50, like maybe by 20 years under 50? Was I the first Hipster and never knew it until that day? Perhaps she mistook me for being 30 and this was a compliment?

Also…is there something I was unaware of?… are Hipsters an untrustworthy lot? Are they known for deceptional behaviors? Was I being accused? Of being untrustworthy…or just being judged at first sight?


15 thoughts on “A Hipster Accusation

  1. How odd! All the men in my life have beards. 60 yr old hubby, 30 year old son and 26 year old son. None of them are ‘hipsters’ but then I don’t know exactly what a hipster is…

  2. Wow.
    I don’t have a beard–just a goatee–but I do have some cuffed jeans, and yet no one has ever decided to step away from me because they believe me to be a “hipster” … whatever that is.

    Hopefully these loons won’t move into the neighborhood.

  3. No offense, but you are too old to be a hipster. 😉 You’re probably better off not working with someone so shallow they can’t get passed someone’s grooming/dressing choices.

  4. What a story! And there looking to live in an eclectic neighborhood??? The beard thing is interesting in itself. With so many guys having them now, friends of mine in high profile, professional firms, have been recently told to look at beard guide lines and one was recently interviewing and was asked if he got the job was he planning on losing the beard . Even at our store, several guys had to cut inches off, one was my co worker,who had a huge beard and was not happy. And a guy in suits had to really shave his. It’s crazy.

  5. What superficial and timid people! Living in a cosy bubble of ignorance and prejudice is easy when you judge by appearance. What is a ‘hipster” anyway? I once asked a blogger from Portland and she didn’t give me a clear answer. Do hipsters talk like Harvey Keitel?

  6. “Hipster” is a put-down targeting anyone with a smidge of fashionability. One never describes oneself as a hipster.

    These specimens were just out for a laugh. They were never your customers. I mean, who wants to move into an “eclectic” neighborhood, yet falls apart when dealing with “eclectic” people?

    Let’s use another put-down that one would never apply to oneself: these people were douchebags.

  7. We’re judged by our appearance every day. We may not like it but that’s the way it is. For many years I had to dress a certain way because I was in “sales”. The company even had a handbook that provided wardrobe guidance on suits, shirts, ties and shoes. There was a style guide for women too. If you didn’t dress the part it affect your career advancement.

    It’s unfortunate that this couple had a preconceived notion of your skills and abilities based on your look. Consider it their loss.

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