Shedding the weight…

Mind, Body &  Spirit

I know in my life I can catch myself carrying around more than just a big ‘ole Fearsome Beard. I catch myself carrying some baggage from time to time. Unnecessary baggage. There are also times that I carry it without even realizing it. Carrying burdens for work, past & current relationships, family issues, guilt, unmet expectations, ….fill in blank here.

The body, like the mind, can carry some baggage too. Recently I noticed my scale took an uptick. I’m not overweight yet but I had been 170lbs for twenty years and suddenly I’m 180? WTF? Now I’m still thin but ….I used to try to gain 10lbs just to bulk up, I mean eat like crazy.  Suddenly 10 new ones outta no where without trying…I need to stay alert. Don’t get me wrong 180 is fine and I’m happy with it, but no more please. The mind and the body can also affect each other here.

Spirit, how would a spirit carry baggage? It could be my connection to spirit is blocked by something I’m carrying, feeling or doing. There are healthy ways to find the spirit and I believe unhealthy ones too. I need to work at this to keep it healthy.

As many of you know I do the Deepak Chopra free meditations a couple times a year when they are offered: 21 days, 20 minutes a day, guided and free in my e mail. I like them. A new one started today. If interested in joining me you can register for it today, or anytime during the next four days, free and not miss a one.

This one is titled: “Shedding the Weight: Mind, Body & Spirit” and if interested simply click HERE

So whatever I’m carrying from unnecessary stress to extra poundage, I hope to learn a healthier way of releasing it and letting go.



5 thoughts on “Shedding the weight…

  1. Your body will age, while your spirit remains constant. The wisdom of aging is recognizing the difference. Don’t let 10 lb. hold too much “weight”.

  2. Oh, oh, sounds like the dreaded middle age spread! Be vigilant.

    Everyone carries around a suitcase or two of baggage. No biggie, really. It only becomes a major issue if they have to drive a tractor-trailer to haul it all behind them. Then run, my friend, run!

  3. It is not uncommon for gentlemen “of our age” to add a few pounds as we age. Changing metabolism, less exercise, yada yada yada. Fortunately it doesn’t bother you. 🙂

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