The human experience

If you are reading this, you are very likely human. In fact I would wager 99.99%human.

We share common experience and we share differed interpretations of these same common experiences. The key here is we share. If you have experienced it and I haven’t, the possibility is there that I could because it was a human experience. If you’ve experienced it and I have experienced it, the chances that our experience was interpreted exactly the same way are nil.

From conception the human experience is similar but different. The chemicals that entered your blood from your mother’s environment and consumption were not exactly the same as those that entered my blood from my mother. Yet the chance that I could encounter the chemicals you did is there as both of our mothers were human.

Does anyone get where I’m going here?

We may (you and I) be different yet we are both human. Our lives, experiences, interpretations, understanding and situations may be different or the same. The possibility is always there that I can sense something like you do, and the possibility is always there of difference. Both experiences are human and we are each capable of the experience. It’s a human experience.

I’m getting to empathy. Empathy for another who is different yet like myself.

Instead of conflict, anger, fear and worry …can we instead feel empathy?

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