Holiday Warning Lable

This is the official warning to all readers.

We do not wish to offend so we are now publishing this official warning to the Internet;

We Celebrate Holidays on this here Blog Thingy.

In the past we have been reprimanded for such behavior. So we decided to post this warning in order to relieve ourselves of holiday liability.

First there was Christmas (the almighty lightening rod of all holidays). We have apparently offended some interneters through the use of the words Christmas & Xmas (man did Xmas cause an uproar!) We also offended some by wishing readers a Happy Chanukah and/or Hanukkah. Oh …and don’t let me forget the rant I received on a post about my God Son’s performance of the Nutcracker. The language of that comment alone could have earned the blog an adults only warning and possibly put Fearsome on an FBI watch list. He’s a kid for Christs’ sake, if he wants to dance the Nutcracker, let him.

Halloween is a boogie man as well. Some decided to reprimand The Beard as they apparently consider it pagan. Really? No! Tell me it ain’t so. Just for the reaction next year I’m adding Dia De Los Muertos! On the pagan subject let us not forget what happens when we dare mention the words Solstice, Holiday or even the fictional Festivus in the month of December….pure entertainment at its best I tells ya.

This years New Years wish was overwhelmingly well received….Oh wait…except this one who seemed to miss the Father Time/Baby New Year theme and recommended that an “adults only” warning should proceed Fearsome’s blog.

So far the heart holiday has made it through without any drama, so far.

Now as the avid readers you are you know what’s coming. A holiday about some guy who got named a Saint just because he chased all the snakes off of a North Atlantic island. Look I ain’t so sure about this story, if I was a naked snake on a North Atlantic island it sure wouldn’t take a Saint to convince me to leave for a warmer climate. Do not fear though as we here at Fearsome Beard aren’t going to leave out any holiday just because the story about it’s origins it isn’t quite plausible. So yes there will be some Irish, and near Irish, blessings coming your way this very week.

Watch out though as on the horizon we have a holiday about a resurrection that for some odd reason is celebrated with a bunny that hides dyed chicken eggs. Folowing just a month after the bunny one is holiday about a culture south of the United States border, that isn’t even celebrated in that culture. The summer holidays seem to go off without a hitch as at least until this point in American history their point is still somewhat plausible, after November it’s anyone’s guess.

We post this warning with the intention that readers will hopefully see the humor in it, the humor in most holidays and the intended humor ahead. Fearsome Beard is a blog for contemplation and personal growth. We love comments. Comments that agree and disagree. We find growth through good honest discussion.

Now get ready for some leprechauns and pots of gold…just follow the rainbows!


13 thoughts on “Holiday Warning Lable

    • Yeah I’ve had a few, mostly in the first year and still being new I deleted them. In retrospect I wish I had left them…with the exception of the one about my God son as no one should ever spout hate like that.

  1. I cannot imagine people posting rude comments about a holiday. I mean, sure, I don’t celebrate them all, but, sheesh, the world doesn’t revolve around me.
    Okay, maybe it does but, still, you can do on your blog what you choose.Slap a beard on it though!

  2. Your loyal readers love you and all of the holidays, we could start making up holidays, International Mustache Way Day, the grand festival of men in kilts.

  3. How unfortunate St. Patrick’s Day slipped by. As a young pre-saint, Patrick was kidnapped by pirates. One assumes they used him for unspeakable acts. Or at least one hopes they did. I’m not making this up, true as any hagiography ever is.

    You still have time to knock out an equinox post. Very pagan.

  4. Easter is timed in a most pagan way: its date is based on the Spring Equinox and the full moon. How much more pagan can you get?

    Let the haters roll off your back 🙂

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