A toe tappin’ weekend ahead

Geez that Jimmy Somerville looks as young as I was when I first took a twirl to this very version of this classic on the dance floor.

Well it’s because he was as young as I was the very first time I took a twirl to this one! Go ahead, click on the vid and enjoy this throwback to the 1980s. Go ahead and take a twirl around the room…ain’t no one watchin’ ….and so what if they is?

I most likely took my first twirl to this tune on the dance floor of The Copa Key West. I wrote about that dance floor HERE  and HERE and HERE. To say I loved The Copa would be making a statement of truth. However the first spin on the floor to this fabulous tune was several years before the trip that sealed my fate and moved me to the west coast. I guess you could say it was a warm up so I could impress him later when I met him.

The clip above I share simply to show Jimmy Somerville and the 1980s dance scene. That was the official video. However on the dance floor of The Copa of the mid 1980s you would have actually danced to this version:

Yeah, that’s the one! The remix that kept us on that floor ’till the sweat was dripping off the back of the shirts tucked in our waistbands. It’s a good thing that running the full length on each side of the massive dance floor that was The Copa, were long never ending cocktail bars. Therefore one never had far to go for a cold glass of refreshment. Damn that was a good club.

With this new found remix from my past it looks like all weekend this aging, but still young, ass will be busy twirlin’ around the house!

11 thoughts on “A toe tappin’ weekend ahead

  1. do try jimmy’s “can’t take my eyes off of you” mixes over at almighty records. they fairly rock.

  2. It funny how some dance songs take us back. I still go out to clubs periodically. But I club of choice like your memory was in NYC called the Palladium. It was a opulent old theater, turned club. I can remember dancing hearing Junior Vazquez and Danny Telaligna, and Pete Tong djing. In a,sea of men. I could also be seen dancing in one of the many private balconies up above. My song of choice was It’s Gonna Be a Lovely Day, or A Deeper Love. What a memories. Now off to hear this song. Have a good weekend.

  3. Yes, I was a ‘twirler’ to this too. Ah, memories! – especially those of being tiddly enough not to give a damn about others laughing at what one looked like on the disco floor.

    Btw: Did you know that Richard Coles, the be-spectacled Communard has, since some years now, been an ordained Anglican priest? He often turns up on TV panel shows, always sporting a ‘dog-collar’, as well as doing regular radio programmes – and insists on being listed in the credits as the REVEREND R. Coles. (‘Nuff said? Maybe.)

  4. This song brings back a lot of memories for me too. Remember Small Town Boy by the Bronski Beat? I remember driving home from the clubs in Dallas on Sunday morning when other people were headed to early church services. Those days are long gone.

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