Movie Beard

🎵Every Day Feels Like Summer With You🎵

Fearsome talked me into playing hookie yesterday morning. We indulged in a movie from iTunes over the iPad onto the Apple TV. What would we do without all these Apple thingys?

Who needs a preview when a movie features a toe tappin’ tune as fabulous as this one?

If someone had told me that I’d spend an hour and a half enjoying a SILENT animated film, I’d a told ’em they was crazy or on drugs. Then I would have had to apologize to them because they were right.

Shaun the Sheep is a good flick. It’s chock full of fun, humor, friendship, adventure and joy all with a bit of suspense thrown in. The animation is well done and a take on the claymation genre of which I am fond.  A heartwarming story is told through action and music without ever a single word.

I found this film a nice break from the norm. It’s Oscar nomination was well deserved. To ice the cake, it’s main character has one of my favorite names. We recommend this film for fun & easy entertainment viewing.

🎵Everything thing feels like starting a new🎵😃

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