California Dreaming

Having been born in the 1960s, I grew up hearing an iconic tune.

California was a dream as far as I was concerned. A place far away and far different from my existence. It was a place I heard of and never a place I ever even thought of living. It was a place I might visit one day in my lifetime, a place to go on an exotic vacation.

A lot happened out there in California. There were news reports of unrest, politics, pollution and radical change. Hollywood was out in California. Movies and television shows came from there. The Beverly Hillbillies moved there. Lots of money and glamour seemed to be the norm for that place. Many musicians seemed to come out of California and many also met there demise there in the decadent lifestyle.

It apparently had quite a lot beaches. The Beach Boys came out of California and with them brought music and surf culture. I had never seen a surfer. California had sun and summer all the time, well except on the rare day it did rain and when it rained it apparently poured. A lot of hippies lived in California and it seemed to be a place that loved to party and hated war.

Sometime around age twenty one or two a lover of mine and I were discussing where we may want to live. I never dreamed of leaving our hometown, he had always dreamed of leaving our hometown. I decided to take out a map and just pick a place. He picked somewhere on the Midwest, Chicago I think. I picked San Diego just off the top of my head. I had never been further west than St Louis. I remember saying if I’m going to dream, I’ll dream California. I really knew nothing about San Diego at all. It just seemed nice to be close to Los Angeles, but not in LA. We both went about our life and stayed in our hometowns never even taking a step toward nor ever been talking about moving again. Eventually going our own ways, yet still there.

In my mid twenties I fell in love. I fell in love with someone who was from California that then was living in Seattle. Seattle, that was the city with the needle…right? I could picture living there. Seattle wasn’t a dream and seemed a reasonable place to live. I moved west, west to Seattle.

As the universe would have it Seattle was only temporary. I had once placed a pin on a map. I had set a goal. I had dreamed a dream. I put that dream on the back burner and went about life. The universe did it’s job, it’s job to take care of my dream while I lived life. The better half got an offer in California, San Diego California in fact.

Nine months after relocating further away from my home than I had ever even traveled (traveled in these United States that is) we moved to San Diego. It wasn’t until about six months of living here that I even remembered that day I had picked out San Diego as that place on the map. I was living a dream that I hadn’t remembered having. It was a dream worth dreaming. I have loved San Diego since first sight. This is home.

I had never even planned to leave the hometown in which I grew up. All my friends wanted to, I never had. Careful of the dreams you dream. Dreams do come true. I’m living a dream that I didn’t realize I was having.

This post came about yesterday as I was working out at my gym, World Gym San Diego. That gym is as Southern California as you can get outside of muscle beach up in LA, or Venice Beach to name it properly. Looking around and feeling the energy while I breathed in the ocean breeze, this small town boy realized he had always been California Dreamin’. He realized his dream in his late twenties. This year will mark the year I’ve decided to call the “tipping year”. I have lived here as many years as I lived back east. This is the year I’ve lived in my home as long as I lived in that home.

The iconic tune has even been updated.

My point with this crazy post? A point I’m so passionate about I’ll make it again…..I really had always dreamed of this place even when I didn’t believe in my dream. The key is I had my dream. Dare to dream. No dream is too big or too out there. Dreams really do come true.


13 thoughts on “California Dreaming

  1. Many years ago I asked an American man what place in the US had the best climate, and he said ‘San Diego’. Does having a beard make sense in such a sunny part of the world?

  2. When I was around 11 or 12 I saw down with my father – who was a saint where these things concerned as his great love was the Grand Ole Opry – and showed him all the opera houses and music festivals I would go to in Europe. Fifty or more years later as I sat in a box at La Scala on a press ticket – I remembered that moment. Then it had been a dream – it took fifty years but…..

  3. Not crazy at all. The pin on the map is a terrific idea. Guido surprised me the other day when he said out of the blue that he thought we should move to Spain. You never know..!

    Glad your’re living the dream.

  4. I always wanted to move to San Francisco but ended up in Dallas for job before moving to Denver for a job. Perhaps my next job will be on the west coast.

  5. I’ve been to San DIego two times. Each time though its struck me as a big small town. It feels that way to me anyway and I love it. I think you made a good choice considering you had originally not even considered leaving your small home town. Maybe that adds to the dream feeling like home.

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