Rich F*cker


Inspired by another blogger, today I contemplate being rich.

First, I am rich in the common way. Money. I’m blessed. I’m not over the top billionaire rich. I’m …wealthy upper middle class comfortable have all I need live in a fantastic neighborhood …rich. No, the car nor the house pictured are mine. I drive a nice 2013 plug in hybrid Ford Fusion Energi with all the bells and whistles. It costs enough for a car. I see no need to spend any more money than that. I expect it to last 7+ish years before my wallet opens (interpreted: my wants outweigh my needs) again for a replacement. The house is a nice size and middle of the road for the nice neighborhood it sits in. It’s nothing fancy, but very nice all the same. We have investments, investment properties, savings accounts, retirement accounts, a trust and we travel often. Life is good.

Does all this monetary wealth bring happiness?

Answer: No.

I’m not going to lie, monetary wealth helps happiness and helps security. It’s freaking great. However monetary wealth is not what makes for a happy life, or a rich life.

I wasn’t born with no silver spoon in my mouth. I’ve spent my days living paycheck to paycheck. I’ve experienced asking the grocery clerk to take items off my bill because I didn’t have the dollars in my wallet. I’ve had huge amounts of credit card debt that I could not afford to pay. I’ve worked a full time job plus two part time jobs just to pay the electric bill & house payment.

I had some of the most wonderful times in my life without a dollar to my name, at least not one that was mine. I think it’s important for me to look back and know it wasn’t the money that made me happy. What made me happy was my focus. My focus was on what I did have. I had friends, family, love, laughter, joy, pets, work, good health, abilities, activities, opportunity, vision, hope and curiosity. If I look at my values today every single item I list resonates.

What actually brings me happiness? Joy? What actually makes my life wealthy and rich?

Answer: Values, values that resonate with my soul. Values that fulfill me, enrich and enlighten me.

How do I realize those values? Acknowledge and feel gratitude for each and every one of them.

Through gratitude for all these blessings, my cup runneth over. My life is full. I am rich. I’m one rich fucker with a beard. Blessed with a Fearsome Beard!


8 thoughts on “Rich F*cker

  1. Nice post. I’m far from wealthy, but comfortable. I live my life happily in my Hollywood size bungalow apartment. I like to spend money on entertaining, travel, shopping and libations. Since I grew up in a huge home with a once crazy wealthy family, I like life better now. But since a have a close knit small family, surround by good friends and excellent health….its all the wealth I need.

  2. I’m in a similar boat as Mistress Borghese. I’m comfortable. I haven’t always been since escaping from my parental units who were/are wealthy, but I survived and grew from it. The Husbear and I work hard for what we have. And while we do own two businesses, we try to share that back with our contractors instead of gouging them. We travel when we can, and we don’t lack for the things we need. We have our friends who are our family, and we enjoy the time we spend with them. That’s how we’re rich.

  3. Someone quoted John Delorean at the time of his bankruptcy as saying, “Poor is an attitude, broke is a temporary financial situation.” He may have been broke, but he was never poor.

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