Movie Beard

We did it again. We found ourselves sitting in a cinema the opening weekend of the flick we were about to experience. A movie that was first previewed during our attendance of Comic-Con.

But first a public service announcement from the star of the show:

Deadpool, the anti super hero, super hero flick.Ryan Reynolds plays this one well. His playful and mischievous wit brings our twisted hero to life all while poking fun at himself.

Being a super hero story it has all the classic necessities: Regular guy (a hit man) mutates to have super powers, a lovely damsel (stripper) gets into distress, an evil villain (physician healer with unconventional treatments), a super hero sidekick (bartender) all combined with the chase scenes, love story, suspense, horror, sex, vulgar language, nudity, humor, shady characters, cameo appearances and even the positive redeeming moral message. Yep this flick has it all.

Clocking in right at 2 hours we found this film full of laughter, mischief and pure entertainment. It is most definately an anti super hero, super hero movie. The action, suspense, humor, special effects, acting and directing all seem to work. We give this one high marks and highly recommend it’s viewing.

My thumb is up as is Fearsome’s mustache. The better half and the niece who joined us also each give a thumb up. It was fun for the whole family. Check out the trailer…

Disclaimer: Caution to those with younger viewers, our niece is 18, I’m not sure I would want to take her if she was say…under 13. If you watched the public service announcement and/or the trailer I think you may know that by now.


14 thoughts on “Movie Beard

  1. Although this is showing right now in my town it’s only evening screenings (underlining its ‘adult’ nature) and which, because of domestic feline concerns, puts it out of court for me. But I was intrigued by some of the positive reviews it’s had, to which you’ve now added a further one, and I could now see it by going out of my way on Sunday morning. So at the moment, because of your selling of it, I might well make the effort and venture forth

  2. Thanks for posting. I saw Ryan on the Graham Norton Show over here and saw the message on tv. Its an important message. People need to get over any kind of embarrassment when it can affect the health of young people too. But with your film critic beard on – was the film any good?

    • My beard and I loved it. I had no expectations going in as I was dragged along by a diehard friend of mine. It’s thoroughly entertaining from start to finish. If for no other reason, it refuses to follow the same old tired archetype that has leached money from longtime fans who’ll eat up anything X Y or Z that just turned into a movie.

  3. I saw the previews a few months ago and wondered what this was all about.
    I like the idea of the anti-super-hero-super-hero.

    Plus, a little bawdy, hell, dirty , humor is always needed!

  4. My ex dragged me to these type of movies all the time. I saw the previews and it didn’t thrill me. I wait for it to show up on cable.

  5. A 6/10 from me, F.B. – but if that score is translated into a ‘normal’ person’s ratings it would probably come across as a 7 or, possibly even just above. So I don’t think we are so far apart. More than passably enjoyable!

  6. I saw you wrote about the movie, but ignored it, as I was going to see the movie and hate to be tainted by other’s reviews. It’s funny the style in which you wrote it and how similar it is to mine.

      • I’m a big fan of all the 4th wall breaks I’ve seen in the trailers and other places. And I’ve heard they pull off even more of those throughout the movie.

        For me, it’s not so much the dirtiness, but just people in general. If I could rent out an entire theatre to watch the movie by myself, I totally would.

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