Movie Beard

A movie critic? A beard with an opinion? Movie reviews for beards?

How many movie posts does it take? I’m not sure but I think a line has been crossed.

RayBeard and Blobby might be getting a little competition. Hopefully they will just be proud of this hirsute fellows movie interests.

The latest and greatest news is that Fearsome talked me into taking him to see an actual new release of a movie the very weekend it was released. Gasp! Yes Virginia on Sunday while in Ft. Lauderdale instead of going to a bar and watching that big football game that was on, we went to a movie. Just the two of us. I am amazed how Fearsome seems to get in free with just my ticket purchase.

The movie:

Yes, our much anticipated Coen Brother’s film…Hail, Caesar! This one we could not wait any longer to see as we have been salivating over it for months. A premier weekend with a football game so big that practically no one would be at the cinema? Viewing perfection! Better yet we got to see at Ft Lauderdale’s vintage art house The Gateway.


I am a long time Coen Brother’s fan. I appreciate their dark complex humor, attention to detail, taste, talent selection and obviosly above average directing capabilities. Originally introduced to them through the classic flick Raising Arizona, I unfortunatley didn’t come to fully appreciate them until my first viewing of Oh Brother Where Art Thou? Personal appreciation of their brand is either black or white. One usually either adores or despises their work.

Hail, Caesar! did not disappoint this fan. From the accurate set decor to the campy dry humor, we enjoyed this flick. Fearsome and I both agree that we do not belive it is the Coen’s best. We do feel that it does live up to their brand and is good solid, yet twisted, entertainment. It is a film that we will see several more times in order to fully appreciate. Even if one doesn’t fully appreciate or comprehend the classic quirkiness that is all movies Coen, one will enjoy the classic old Hollywood sets, styles and look.

We award this film one thumb and one mustache up!     …..disclaimer here is that it is an Joel & Ethan Coen film, your going to love or hate us for recommending as we sincerely doubt there is any middle ground.




5 thoughts on “Movie Beard

  1. Hey, F.B. Thanks yet again for the mention. That’s the third time from you, at least – and I’m accordingly triply grateful.

    No surprise that I’m also a great Coen Bros fan, though I don’t think they’ve quite regained the heights, in terms of entertainment value, as in their films of the 80s and 90s. ‘Fargo’ remains my favourite of all, followed by the under-appreciated ‘Hudsucker’s Proxy’. But I’m absolutely with you on ‘Raising Arizona’ for being one of their best.. There have, though, been some of their films made this century which pay repeated viewing – e.g. ‘Intolerable Cruelty’ I liked a lot, as I did ‘Burn After Reading’. But there’ve also been some bad misfires such as ‘The Ladykillers’.

    Anyway, before I get carried away too much, back to ‘Hail, Caesar’. It hasn’t opened here yet but my pulse quickened when I saw the trailer for the first time, it looking exactly like the kind of film which is on my own wavelength. I’ve got high expectations of it and your ‘one thumb and one mush’ rating has excited me even more, even if it may not be quite ‘top drawer’. But you’re right – you either ‘get’ the Coens or you don’t – and I’m pleased to be in your own illustrious company on this. I trust I’ll be rating ‘Hail, Caesar’ with a absolute minimum of ‘7’.

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