Gym wildlife

Disturbingly accurate.


6 thoughts on “Gym wildlife

  1. My gym in the 90s was a serious one, our ripped weight room manager didn’t tolerate any mess or social disturbances. Sadly, after he left, no one could really fill his role and the place went to shit.

    One obnoxious Spandex-clad dude would come in and howl like a wolf on his bench max days. We all got tired of it very quickly, so I exercised my powers as a regular and spread a rumor among the biggest, baddest bodybuilders that the sounds a man makes lifting weights are identical to the ones he makes in bed. Wolfman got laughed at, switched to another gym, and the weight room was eerily quiet for about a month.

  2. A good friend of mine is a trainer. He gave me a routine I can do at home with exercises, sit UPS push up, squats and various hand weight exercises. This video is not far off and why I don’t go to the gym. And I see enough guys in the shower here.

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