Oscar Issac Beard  (aka the other reason to watch Ex Machina)

Oscar Isaac Beard
(aka the other reason to watch Ex Machina)


Beard of the day

7 thoughts on “Beard of the day

  1. Hey there, unrelated to your post but thought I’d let you know some other blogger is using the same header photo as yours.

    Dunno if your photo is an original or a stock photo from the ‘Net, but regardless she just recently changed her header. Also, she’s one of those bloggers who details her woes in life and conveniently has a “donate” button on her website so that gullible people donate money to her.

    • My header is stock from WordPress for the style I chose to have my blog displayed in. The style is called “Hemmingway Rewritten”. I can change the photo but I actually like it for my blog is about contemplation and the inspiration one can find from such introspection. I think that photo resonates with the purpose. I checked out her blog and she too us using the same “Hemmingway Rewritten” theme.
      I’m about inspiration and finding a path to the wealth of life through ones own journey. I am not in the business of asking for donations.

  2. That’s a much better picture you’ve posted than I put to head my own review of the film. This one makes me tingle ALL over! (And thanks, F.B., for your comment under that same review, where I’ve now acknowledged it.)

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