Maybe, just maybe

I’ve posted about 3 different movies on the last 30 or so days. I should say “we’ve” as Fearsome saw them as well.  We all know he has an opinion of his own on everything. It’s good we agree …most of the time.

We always post a disclaimer that we are not movie critics. We do not claim not want to be. The question arises as to how many movies is one allowed to post opinions about before one actually becomes a critic? Are we flirting with the limits?

We watched three movies on our cross country flight a couple days back. The new iPad Pro makes for better viewing with its double the iPad size screen. The Bose noise cancelling headphones are a must for air travel viewing as well.

Cross country flight movie selection #1: Ex Machina

Blog buddy RayBeard was spot on. Really good movie. The suspense mixed with a twisted sense of humor, sexuality and possible reality makes for a good flick. The setting, camera, acting and directing are all, in this beard’s opinion, well done. We highly recommend Ex Machina.

Cross country flight movie selection #2: The Dahmer Files

As disturbing as this subject matter is to me, this was a good film. It is a documentary. One well done. Dahmer was caught and made national news just as I was getting out of a nightmare relationship of abuse with a very unstable person. Look at it this way, I could easily visualize my ex’s photo in a similar news story. I felt as though I narrowly escaped. This film could have brought back nightmares for me. It didn’t. It gives a glimpse into the world of those around him as well as the killer himself in a way that isn’t alarmist or disturbing.

Cross country flight movie #3: Minions

We really wanted to like or at least enjoy this film. We loved Dispicable Me 1&2. We didn’t love Minions at all. Minion mayhem with minimal story line and stupid lame jokes. Not even mildly enjoyed by the pubescent mind of a testosterone filled beard. We are being harsh. We feel this one deserves a harsh reality check.

So there you have it. Our absolutely not movie critic, critical movie reviews.

Happy viewing!


14 thoughts on “Maybe, just maybe

  1. Very many thanks for the ‘plug’ on ‘Ex Machina’, F.B. I’m so pleased you liked it. In fact I’ve not heard of anyone who’s seen it and not been impressed, most of them being ‘very’. (Btw: Did you know it was made in……..of all places, Wales? One has to assume that the panoramic American mountain views were later inserted.)
    Re: japingape’s point, above, about bushy beard – it hardly needs saying that it caught your own attention too. Of course it did. (I only hope that Fearsome didn’t get too jealous). I don’t think I’ve ever seen Oscar Isaac looking yummier. His facial growth in ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’ was terrific, but in this film it was truly magisterial.

      • No, I’m generally not a great sci-fi fan either, so this was an even more unexpected pleasant surprise. My knowledge of science is not extensive (though perhaps I might know a little more about Astronomy than some people) – but I find that scientific ‘mistakes’ on film always seem to distract me from the rest of it, and I spend the remainder of the film being irritated by the blunder they’d made.

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