Travelin’ Beard

Destination… a place in the sand!

Yes I live a stones throw from the beach. I also work in the city where I live that happens to have miles of beaches. Key word, work. Being guilty of what so many people do who live in wonderful places, actually take time off to enjoy what I have, I go other places to enjoy what they have.

The other side of that coin is California waters are cold, even in the summer and even as far south as San Diego. South Florida waters are warm. I like warm water, so once again a short cross country jaunt to Ft. Lauderdale for a little winter getaway.

I will be keeping you posted on Fearsome and his adventures.


14 thoughts on “Travelin’ Beard

  1. Whoa! We arrive in Lauderdale tomorrow for the RSVP Cruise on Sunday. Hope to see you out & about. Another Italian dinner would be nice.

    • I owe you a beard to beard apology for not catching these three comments in my spam folder, they should all three be approved and my apologies and and invitation to Italian is always welcome!

  2. We’re heading to Lauderdale tomorrow for Sunday’s RSVP Cruise. Hope to see you around; hope you’re up for Italian.

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