The Big Short

The Fearsome movie disclaimer: We are NOT critics, professionals nor anywhere near movie literate and in no way claim to be.

Three movies, in a theatre in a month? That just doesn’t happen around here. The last time we saw three movies in a theatre in a year? A long, long time ago, so three in a month is a record. Fearsome and I actually went with The Better Half and our niece Adrianna who is a freshman up at UC Irvine and is down for the weekend. We went to the theatre I experienced The Peanuts Movie in. If you read that entry it was the one where a matinee was $16.50, but it’s the nicest theatre I’ve ever experienced and now there’s no turning back as far as I’m concerned.

Oh the movie? From the title of this post you guessed it, The Big Short. Good flick, academy award nomination is deserved.

However the story line…I felt dirty after watching it even in the cleanest cinema I’ve ever been in. Having lived that era as a Real Estate agent selling the very thing that was at the core of the housing debacle…houses. Now I wasn’t a banker nor a lender so I wasn’t selling the problem. I was selling the product that the Problem was used to purchase. The saving grace for me is that vast majority of my buyers were not using subprime loans to purchase. Thus the vast majority of my buyers stayed in their homes and didn’t foreclose. Yet I still felt dirty.

The big question that comes after the flick has finished is this: Did we as a culture learn from that? As a culture did we change the practices for the better? I recommend giving this flick a gander for a history lesson at the very least.

My favorite takeaway I can share from The Big Short  is a quote shown on the screen that went something like this: “Truth is like poetry,  most people fucking hate poetry.”….overheard in a bar off Wall Street.

7 thoughts on “The Big Short

  1. It’s interesting to read your take on this, FB, with your own very immediate knowledge of the world that it’s set in – which is, in fact, the real world. It is a good film and is sure to be recognised as such in the approaching awards season. (I’ve seen your comment under my own review).
    I’m glad you watched it in the medium for which it was intended, even if it did leave you feeling ‘dirty’. Hope it might be indicative of more such experiences for you – seeing films in the cinema, I mean, not viewing what makes you feel ‘dirty’.

  2. I have been around housing long enough to have seen two cycles of loan anyone money, don’t worry the security is in the house – until it isn’t (I was here for the S&L collapse.) The very people that “easy” money was intended to help (lower income) were some of the those hit hardest by homes they could not afford and should never have bought. The mortgage bankers made money, win-lose-or draw they almost always make money – until they don’t.

  3. I wanted to see this movie but I thought it would just make me frustrated with a regulatory system that seems to be controlled by big banks. How many people went to jail for a crisis that almost killed the word economy?

  4. I liked the movie – didn’t love it. The subject was just too fresh. But I liked how they broke down the financial issues with current day (not “popular) artists.

  5. I started in real estate in early 2011 so I feel no responsibility in the mortgage and real estate market corrections. And as you mentioned, the majority of your clients didn’t use subprime loans so you get a pass too. 😉

    What a coincidence – I saw 3 films in Jan too, which is extremely unusual. I saw “Joy”, “Carol”, and “Star Wars”.

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