Homeless LGBT youth

Many LGBT youth from all walks of life find themselves rejected by their families. Some end up homeless just because they are different from what their families believe they should be. Many of those homeless youth end up on the streets of large cities.

The Ali Forney Center in New York feeds, houses, counsels and mentors youth from the streets of New York. Without the AFC many of these youth end up abused and lost in situations that most of us wouldn’t be able to even imagine.

Joe Jervis over at Joe.My.God posted earlier this evening that the Ali Forney Center has launched a capital campaign to buy a church on a prominent Harlem corner to house part of and expand its services. This church is particularly desirable to turn around the years of hate that have been spewed at the residents and youth of Harlem who just happen to be gay.

If helping homeless youth off the streets of New York and onto a path to a productive life as contributing members of an accepting society is something dear to your heart then click HERE to learn more. Yes …go ahead click HERE to make a donation. Click HERE to make a difference for someone who needs a hand up. Click HERE to send a message to a rejected youth that they are not rejected but accepted and loved. Click HERE and share on your blog or Facebook page to gain even more support from your circle.

Together we can trample hate from the past with love for tomorrow. Together we can do this. LET’S DO THIS!

We made our donation and would be honored for you to join us.



8 thoughts on “Homeless LGBT youth

  1. No offense to JMG – but he writes about that center so tirelessly, you’d think NYC had the only gay teen homeless problem in the country. I get his is a NYC-based blog, and I get that pastor is an asshole of epic proportions, but I do hope people give locally, as there are plenty of homeless teens – gay and straight – in every city.

  2. I support Urban Peak in Denver which provides shelter and services for homeless youth. I used to visit Joe’s blog on a daily basis but now only check in occasionally. The site has so many ads it takes a lifetime to load then often freezes and reloads.

  3. Through my job we do volunteer and donation work several times a year. One of them is a charitable house that helps gay homeless kids and teens. Since their funding is not much, we donate money and time to help with things around their location. The place supplies lodging, food, informal education, and counseling. I have met some swell teens there. It is really a shame all we waste money on in this country…like wars…when we should be spending the money right here.

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