About that Beard

Fearsome reminded me when I was reading an article that a dear blog buddy sent over that I haven’t posted a darn thing about beard care of recent. While we post plenty of Inspiration and Bearspiration, we ain’t been helping out with the actual beard care subjects of late.

The article that our BLOG BUDDY sent us can be found HERE. It’s a good read about a book appropriately named ‘Of Beards and Men’. I found it on both Amazon and iBooks and am deciding if I want electronic or traditional but definitely will be ordering it. Sounds as if it’s a good read. No worries as it will get a review once read.

To give us a push into the beard care posts, I turned yet again to you tube and found this short informative vid on one minute beard care. It comes from our friends over at Beard Brand. It’s worth the watch just for the Beardspiration of Jeff alone.

Fearsome gets a similar quick groom every morning. His emphasis of combing followed by brushing is key. The boar bristle brush is the best present I ever bought Fearsome. We add just a small amount of leave in conditioner just after the beard oil. We find the conditioner gives a light hold to keep Fearsome from getting too outta hand as the day progresses. We also spread the excess beard oils and conditioner onto our face, hair and neck for moisturizing.

5 thoughts on “About that Beard

  1. Hey, I’m glad you’re going to read the book! I thought the author’s connection of beard popularity to times of redefinition of masculinity was fascinating! Women have profoundly redefined ourselves and now it’s imperative for men’s growth and liberation that they do so as well. Old and outdated notions of masculinity are holding both men and our society back.

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