Snowmaggedon 2016

As the Mid-Atlantic into the North East gets hit with snow, the weather newscasters are falling all over themselves each trying to out-story the next. Fearsome is finding some of them quite humorous.

One certain one we caught by accident this morning was running around with a yardstick. She was holding up up talking about the copious amounts of snow on this park she was in. She took her time in selecting a spot she thought would be good for her most impressive reading and poked her yardstick into the described enormous snow bank. As I was noting that the snow she was standing it was not far above her ankles she exclaims “Oh, seven inches”. Her build up to this would lead you to think it was waist deep, but it was her exclamation that gave us Fearsome and I a chuckle. Her “Seven Inches” came out of her mouth in a way that seemed like while she was a bit disappointed that it wasn’t more, seven would do.

Ok you can imagine where my mind went. I bet yours would have gone there too.

If you are one of our readers that is a Snowmagedon 2016 victim, have fun and stay warm. If your one who’s not, have fun and stay warm!

7 thoughts on “Snowmaggedon 2016

  1. Living in Colorado, seven inches is nothing when it comes to snow but it’s more than enough when it comes to other things…..

  2. Yes, the news people were beside themselves trying to find a way to fill hours of TV by talking about the snow. Funny at first, then repetitive and tedious. I’m just glad we didn’t lose our power!

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