Fearsome Himself Fearsome had a big trim back in the fall for a corporate job interview. The one fluent alone would have netted him his average year;y income in one client. Unfortunately the news came yesterday that a developer was hired instead of a marketing agent.

Fearsome Himself Beard

Back in the fall Fearsome got a big trim. He lost six inches in length.

We had an interview with a corporate client for a rather large listing. The one client would have represented our average yearly income in one fell swoop. We got the call yesterday, we didn’t get the listing. We lost to a professional developer that is going to take the project over as the client decided that they didn’t want it any longer. We aren’t upset, it actually frees us up to move on to many more clients in our area of expertise, residential re-sales of high end homes. It also frees Fearsome to start growing again. We are very happy about that.


Beard of the day

22 thoughts on “Beard of the day

  1. Please tell Fearsome that he’s never looked better – though don’t let him get above himself (or, in his case, below). You’re the boss and……well, I was going to say “You’ve got to keep him in trim.” but luckily I stopped myself just in time. 🙂

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