Living, blogging and commenting with compassion

Yes Virginia the video is 22 minutes long. Yes Virginia it is worth your time.

Growing up the awkward, overweight, effeminate nerd of a boy I was led to the obvious bullying so prevalent among confused insecure children. I’m just glad that I grew up before the Internet. As hard as it was to deal with the bullies, at least it stopped when I closed myself into the safety of my room with my homework done on paper and out of books.

This TED talk is given by someone who knows first hand what internet bullying can do to a young insecure woman. Her message is one we can all use to remind us about good etiquette, respect of others and our ability as individuals to do good in the world. We can uplift our brothers and sisters rather than tear them down. In uplifting each other we only improve humanity.

She is not someone that I would have picked out to give me a message of inspiration and self growth. After watching this I will always give her my time. She has taken lemons and is making lemonade. Through this TED talk she is sharing her lemonade and not selling it to make a buck. I tip my hat and give Fearsome a stroke in her honor. Thanks Monica, well done.

Every time we are online we have the ability to make good comments, uplift others and share some love. I challenge myself to make at least 5 positive and uplifting comments a day on others blogs daily for one week, no matter how busy I am. Who wants to join me?


9 thoughts on “Living, blogging and commenting with compassion

  1. Good for you, Monica, for taking charge of your own story, for pulling it back from those who know nothing about you. It was a shame that you were the victim of a cultural disease concerning sex and power back in 1998–when we could have had a conversation that would have led to change, we instead took the “easy” way out. But there was nothing easy about it for you. Fortunately, you did not lose yourself, and have decided to give back with love. Bravo to you.

    • Tony, Thanks for taking the time to check out her message. She inspires me through her use of ownership of a bad situation to encourage better behavior. She had a choice to live her life as a victim, live her life in silence making no difference or to rise above.

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