Part of my journey, my path at present, is learning to trust in that which I cannot see. To be able to trust in something other than myself.

Fearsome Beard, the blog, is about contemplation, growth, searching, learning, discussing, recording, reflection and vision. Positive affirmations and motivation are both tools that I find help me along my path to grow my soul. Love, friendship, care and service all shared unconditionally, reap benefits which I cherish.


I am not the center of the universe. I am not in control. I am merely a mortal man with a mortal Beard. There are forces that I use and I trust that I cannot see, but believe. Faith is something that I’ve always thought of as pure. Faith is something that I’ve never fully understood but I wish to deepen.


Faith in the unseen. Faith in myself. Faith in love. Faith in others. Faith in good. Faith in my powerball ticket which will make Fearsome the first ever billion dollar winner.




5 thoughts on “Faith

  1. My first major job, lasted 7 years, and I quit to do something else. My answer to why I was leaving was, “I lost faith in what we do.” I moved onto better things, the company bobbed around for years, I worked for them again 7 years later, they eventually folded, they never found their way.

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