The Force Awakens

First the disclaimer… I don’t see a lot of movies and in no way do I claim to be a critic.

I saw The first Star Wars movie when I was just hitting puberty stages in 1977. I was an awkward preteen that had already been pegged by his peers as different and somewhat queer. Being a loner I didn’t go with a group of boys my age. I went with the overweight middle aged neighbor lady named Mrs. Hursey. I cut her grass, she liked movies, we both needed company. We sat in the very center seats of the absolute front row in a large 900 seat ABC “Rocking Chair” cinema scope theatre filled to capacity. It-was-A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

There was a certain innocence to the original Star Wars. It was a vision. It was new. It was an experiment. There was a message, a common message. Light versus dark. Good versus evil.

Yesterday I sat alone in a practically empty 400 seat AMC IMAX 3D stadium theatre. I wasn’t in the front row but in the middle of the theatre period. I was as excited as the pubescent boy back in 1977. Star Wars The Force Awakens did not disappoint. I laughed, cheered, sat on the edge of my seat, held onto my seat and even cried. There is still a certain innocence. New characters blended with old to carry the message. The visuals were as over the top and the acting as average as they were then. The message was the same along the lines of good/evil, light/dark that I remember.

The important part of the message I took from the original was that The Force is always with us. Always with us doesn’t mean always present. To maintain the presence of The Force we must be diligent. We must practice. We must relentlessly practice. We must believe, trust, practice, share, use and respect The Force. We must look for The Force, sense it, feel it and be it. The Force works. We mustn’t fall into compalacency, temptation, ego or fear …for these are seeds of darkness that will propagate evil.

The message is still there, although I didn’t receive quite the emphasis I did from 1977. I was, however, left with a feeling that there is more to be revealed. I’m ok with that. I’m ok with yet another Star Wars now that The Force has awakened. There is more to learn, practice, improve and perfect. I’m not finished growing, neither is Fearsome. We don’t want to ever finish growing. Growth is life. We love life.

Yes Virginia, there is a Force. May it always be with you.





5 thoughts on “The Force Awakens

  1. II think I will probably see it when it comes out on DVD. I loved the original three very much….Return of the Jedi the best…..i love Jabba the Hut and his court of creatures…..especially the band Max Rebo and the Rebo Band.

  2. Though storylines were similar, the visuals were better and I will disagree about the acting – it was better than all of them…..though there is NOTHING new in Han Solo-land.

  3. I’ve read that movie was geared toward pleasing the fan base, and not changing the message or direction of the franchise.

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