Don’t believe me just watch

I just climbed down off the roof. Christmas lights are wrapped up and boxes will go in attic tomorrow. As you know from this previous post, when I am out on the roof I can enjoy the breezes and views of San Diego bay all the way to the Pacific. With such a lofty perch and an inspirational setting, Fearsome can contemplate.

What I make out of 2016 is only mine to choose. I choose phenomenal. I choose prosperous. I choose outstanding. Yup a contemplating beard like Fearsome can be inspirational. Together we are going to make 2016 over the top!

As Pearl might say, “Judge, I feel a song coming on!”



6 thoughts on “Don’t believe me just watch

  1. Yes, that could most definitely be a good song to set the tone for the New Year, that’s for sure. I too was getting the pied de terre back in order, and cleaned well to start a new beginning.

  2. Alas, F.B, due to my fiddling around with this old contraption – the computer, I mean, not my body – I’ve knocked out the sound from the videos I try to play. Still, pending the return of sound, from the visuals this looks lively enough.

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