A certain blogger text me a pic of a rabbit last evening as the year was changing over on the east coast. It was his way of reminding me that if you start the first of a month by saying rabbit it brings luck. Going further if you say rabbit on the first of every month for a year, you have a year of good luck. Not being one to step on a crack, Fearsome asked me to say it. So here it is, rabbit.

Yesterdays gratitude list brings me to my gratitude for you. I am humbled by the year that Fearsome Beard had in 2015. Now at only 18 months in the blogosphere, due to you dear readers, we can share some exciting numbers for us. Fearsome had more than 37,000 views from a total of 112 countries, has accumulated more than 300 fabulous followers and posted 593 photos in 2015. Thank you for your interest, input, humor and loyalty. We hope that you stick around for more fun and adventure in the coming years.

Another blogger gave me some insight this morning of a post topic that seems to increase blog traffic. I’m not sure if Fearsome will allow me to go there. We will see what the year brings and I have learned never say never. I find it a hilarious post even though the subject matter isn’t about beards.

So cheers to you for a wonderful new year in 2016. May your joys be as deep as the oceans, your troubles as light as foam, and may you find sweet peace of mind wherever you may roam.

While traditions suggest a white Rabbit I feel that white is a rather presumptuous color for someone of my "experience".

While traditions suggest a white Rabbit, I feel that white is a rather presumptuous color for someone of my “experience”.


26 thoughts on “Rabbit

  1. I wonder if one says “tribble” if it is just as effective. I mean, they’re about the same: the breed like crazy, they’re soft and fluffy, and they both coo when one is petted.

    Happy new year to you!

  2. I once had a house bunny. His name, of course, was George (old Bugs Bunny/Abominal Snowman refeerence; I also like to use “Gosh, it’s hot” as I am not particularly heat tolerant). Your pic looks a lot like him; he was a black dwarf lop. Miss him every day.

    But if one needs to go white, then I recall this from my techno dancing days: “The white rabbit is becoming a habit.”

  3. I’ve never heard of this ‘saying rabbit’ tradition, but everyone knows that a rabbit foot key chain is supposed to bring good luck, so maybe its simply a variation. Regardless, I hope you have a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year! I’ve enjoyed getting to know you through your blog.

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