Gonna be a good life, a good good life.

As I write this it’s 2015. Only moments of it left for some of us. Already gone for the rest.


Each year, each moment, brings new beginnings, adventures, humdrum, disappointments, rewards, pain, love, fear, happiness, hurt, peace, contentment, growth, endings, change, death, life. I feel gratitude.

All we have is now. The present.

We don’t have yesterday, it’s gone. We had it, all it left us with is memories.

We don’t have tomorrow, it hasn’t come. Tomorrow is only perceived, it never actually arrives.

Feel gratitude. Be, just be.

At this moment with my perception, my anticipation of tomorrow’s arrival of 2016, I make a list of what I’m grateful for at this very moment.

  1. Mitzi’s warm fur in my lap.
  2. The new solid oak a table at which I sit.
  3. This here iPad pro thingy from which I blog.
  4. The nagging pain in my shoulder, for I have a shoulder and can feel it.
  5. The sun that is glinting off of the hardwood floor and warming my room as it blinds my peripheral vision.
  6. This creaky old drafty house.
  7. My thoughts.
  8. My husband.
  9. My family, friends and clients.
  10. My work.
  11. My talent.
  12. The air as it cools the inside of my nose.
  13. The US postal service that will deliver all the bills I just finished writing out.
  14. The static of my housekeeper’s radio playing that same Mexican AM radio station yet again.
  15. Celia as she cleans the house and complains about a mess one of the dogs made.
  16. The lingering taste of peanut butter in my mouth.
  17. The color red.
  18. The memories I have of yesterday.
  19. The dreams I have for tomorrow.
  20. The love that fills my heart.

Thank you 2015. A year of memory. Welcome 2016. A year that is yet to come and full of endless possibility.

Peace to us right now, this moment, as we sit in our present.



9 thoughts on “Gonna be a good life, a good good life.

  1. Just the fact of your having troubled to make out this list shames and prods me to do the same, FB. – and a jolly good thing it’ll be too.

    Incidentally your #17 intrigues.me. It’s something to which I’ve had a clear and puzzling antipathy all my life – rather like Marnie (in the Alfred Hitchcock film?). I don’t know the origin of my own unease but I hardly think they can have been as dramatic as hers was. Perhaps it’ll be a subject for a future post of mine.
    Anyway, I see that you have a positive response to it – as also has my younger brother – which is what makes it really fascinating.

    And, though I’ve said it elsewhere this morning, no harm in repeating my wishes for ‘all the best’ to you and yours this coming year. Have a ‘luverly’ Jan the First!

  2. I know it will be a great year for you and your husband and dogs. There will be an abundance of things that will make you grateful. You will bring joy and happiness to many people.

  3. My belief is that if more people would do as you have done and be present in today and grateful for yesterdays, there would be far fewer wants in the future. Happy new year to you and your loved ones.

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