Fearsome, a sentimental Capricorn

The Christmas season is a sentimental time for many. Fearsome is a sentimental beard. The traditions, music, memories, decorations, rituals and spirit all seem to coincide into a yearly sentimental journey for us. All one must do is add up the holiday hubbub with the wrapping up of a year past and the prospect of a birthday nearly a week after a new year arrives to realize the emotional experience we embrace. The sentiments give us solace as we set our goals for not only a new year, but yet another trip around the ball of fire to which we rise each day.

Therefore it is comforting for our soul to establish and continue a tradition, or four. Last year was Fearsome’s first holiday season in blog land, well at least as an actual blogger. He had a post or two he feels he may repeat with yet an updated interpretation. So this is sort of a warning. If you see something familiar just enjoy it and look for possible nuances that Fearsome may take, or that you yourself may notice differently. We all change throughout time. Hopefully we grow. With growth our priorities change and morph. I like to call it developing character. Kind of like those little teeny tiny lines residing on my face…character.

Enough of being a sentimental, on with establishing tradition. Our favorite rendition of a holiday classic:

Fearsome and I hope you enjoyed it as much as we do. For an encore we decided to add this 1949 version from Neptune’s Daughter featuring none other than Esther Williams and Ricardo Mantalban:



5 thoughts on “Fearsome, a sentimental Capricorn

  1. I toughly enjoyed the clips. My dream date would be the glee clip, I have played it out in my head. And of course, there is always time for a half cup more! Never saw Neptune’s Daughter but enjoyed that as well. sentimental indeed, but not just now, I notice as I get older I get more sentimental even.

  2. Unfortunately not able to view the Glee clip in Canada – something about copyright???? Always loved this number but apparently it is now considered “politically incorrect” and is actually a “date rape” song!!!!! Frank Loesser must be rolling in his grave.

    • That copyright thing happened to me with one of Laurent’s recent post and I couldn’t view it here. If you haven’t seen the Glee clip search it there as it is very well done with two men. I didn’t know this was considered politically incorrect or a date rape tune. Interesting. I think it quite the fun little number.

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