Life is a banquet


…..He that is of merry heart hath a continual feast.     ………Proverbs 15:15

Fearsome and I are not ones to go around quoting out of the bible. However the bible does have many bits of wisdom that do apply to living a good life. We didn’t even find the wonderful words above in the bible. It’s not something that we read. We found this inspirational phrase in a little book we picked up at Comic-Con 2015.

Worthwhile Comic-Con purchase.

Worthwhile Comic-Con purchase.

This nice little book was purchased because we believe in the Snoopy Dance. We are fans of Snoopy. The little book is full inspirational quotes from many different sources and many walks of life. There is a character that I adore that said something similar in the short 10 second clip below:

Yep you guessed it, Fearsome and I are cup half full, actually full to over flowing kind of guys.

Mmmmmm, Fresh Made Garlic Rolls!

Mmmmmm, Fresh Made Garlic Rolls! Fearsome loves them. You’d better have one too, especially if you plan on kissing him.

Our point is this, when you are merry of heart the world really is a great place! Go ahead….Live!… and do the Snoopy Dance!


8 thoughts on “Life is a banquet

  1. Dears, that’s my life motto! live! Live! Lifes a banquet, and some sorry sons of bitches are starving to death!!!! That and Huh, how can you see with ALL THAT LIGHT! is heard here alot. I live everyday life Mame Dennis. And the book looks simply adorable. I love snoopy too and I’m fond of Woodstock.

  2. maddie IS a “full of life” in person as she is on her blog, fearsome! she lives about 1 hour away from my location. unfortunately, I will have to pass on the garlic knots as garlic doesn’t like my tender digestive tract. but I will still smooch you!

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