Inspired by Dad

As many of you know, my father passed unexpectedly sooner than expected back in September. He had a favorite movie starring Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt. Both big names in Hollywood. Both playing supporting roles to a kid. A kid named Haley Joel Osment. What is bigger than any star in the movie is the message. The message in the title, Pay It Forward (full movie behind this link).

My father was so inspired by the message, he did his best to share that message with everyone. Dad wasn’t perfect at getting messages across and he wasn’t perfect at always practicing the message. The important thing was he tried. Another important thing was he got the message through to me. When asked to speak at Dad’s memorial I instantly knew that I had to speak this message. It was easy. I didn’t need to write a speech or practice. I just got up and shared about sharing what we have, and not asking anything in return. Only ask to keep sharing it forward. To spread gifts, love, possibilities, knowledge and peace.

Yesterday I posted about my dog Abner. I shared about Paying It Forward. Today I share the clip of a little boy and his dream. May it be an inspiration to all of us.


9 thoughts on “Inspired by Dad

  1. Thanks For Sharing ….. Since My CHF diagnosis and surgeries I pay it forward everyday. While in the grocery store yesterday I overheard two employees talking about one not being able to afford a Christmas Tree. I thought back to the days in Franklin County as a kid when I would spend hours looking for the perfect tree on Smith Mountain. I went to the tree lot in front of the store, bought a tree and left the receipt with the Publix Manager to pass on two her.

    • That’s wonderful! You made a persons Christmas.
      I remember cutting cedar tress as a child out in Bortetourt County. In my college years there was a spot where I would cut a cedar or bull pine on Smith Mtn Lake.

  2. As far as movies go for adding inspiration to a person’s life, that would be a good one.

    Yes condolences, it’s been six years since my dad died and I still can’t believe it.

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