Ruggedly handsome Beard. Happy Chanukah!

Ruggedly Handsome Iconic Beard.
Happy Chanukah!


Beard of the day

5 thoughts on “Beard of the day

    • That’s Topol from Fiddler on the roof. One of my favorite flicks. Icon in my book. Loved his beard since I was just a wee little lad after seeing the movie in the theatre for the first time upon its release. Incredible film. I needed a good Jewish beard today.

  1. I too loved Topol, at least when he was young, yummy and lithe(r). Love the Jerry Bock musical too, BUT the film is one of my most disliked of all musical cinema adaptations – culprit being director Norman Jewison, who also made a similarly unfair, elephantine version of another great musical. ‘J. C. Superstar’. And while we’re on the subject of disastrous transfers of musicals to the cinema screen I’m going to nominate yet another for my ‘Worst Ever’ category, viz ‘Camelot’. (There, feeling better now having got all that off my chest, but I’m afraid you opened a can of worms for me here, F/b!)

    • Fiddler and Superstar were the first musicals I ever remember seeing on the big screen. Put it this way I was happy to not be sitting with dad at another Dirty Harry movie, The Godfather or Bonnie and Clyde. Being a impressionable youth of my persuasion, musicals for some reason caught my attention. Both of these hold a special place in my memory. I recently rented Fiddler and still rather enjoyed it, haven’t recently seen Superstar. I’ve never seen either onstage.

      • I saw both films before I saw either on stage, though even then I felt they couldn’t be doing justice to the original stage productions. Can’t explain why, but having later seen both live (‘Superstar’ at least 6 times) my original feelings were vindicated. However, I have to say that others disagree with me. ‘Fiddler’ in particular has its champions.

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