Living before death

FearsomeBeard, the blog, came into existence as a means for growth. Fearsome, the beard, was growing and why shouldn’t I? Part of my growth comes through sharing, reflecting, recording. “When you learn, teach” is an inspiration that Maya Angelou conveyed throughout her many inspiring messages. Teaching is simply sharing. Sharing is simply growth. Growth of knowledge from one to another and growth of the soul, the self, through giving.

We are born with opportunity. The opportunity to have, do, be and become anything we desire. All we have to do is imagine it and then move, work, toward it. Death is as much a part of life as birth. You simply cannot have one without the other. Why not let death inspire us and teach us about living well?

Life is that dash in between birth and death. The message in this Ted talk may help a shift in perspective about living and living well. Taking a look at the end, may very well help us today… while we are in the dash.


(an update to this post: I wrote this post shortly before the disturbing mass shooting in San Bernadino today. I have re-titled the post from Designing for Death to its current Living before Death.  My prayers are with the families at this time.)


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