Yesterday I was honored to be nominated for The Liebster Award.


I am not too familiar with blog awards. I’ve seen them on other blogs. I wasn’t sure what they meant or how people got them. Was there a blogging committee? Were nominees submitted and then your blog was judged? Or was an award put out to a blogging world vote? Then does someone contact you to notify you if you won the award? Was there a ceremony? We’re there runners up awarded? And how about the most congenial blogger award if you didn’t place?

After an in depth, more like 5 minute, Google search I find out that the Liebster Award is a nomination. All a blogger must do is accept if they wish and it’s yours! Yeah an award! There are rules that are simply recommendations that get bloggers involved to visit each other and help us connect. Liebster is a word apparently of German origins that has several meanings a few of which are kind, valued, sweet, nice and beloved.


I was nominated by Jacob over at -jaywalks. Thank you Jacob and I accept!

My nominees are as follows:



There is another way to live


From my brain to my mouth

Larry Muffin at Home


Ok the rules say “up to eleven”. Well I’m not Spinal Tap so Mine doesn’t even go up to eleven. I didn’t choose these as a top seven either, so if your not on there don’t be upset plus if any of them accept they need others to nominate as well. Besides, seven rhymes with eleven and seven is said to be lucky!😉

The Questions:

  1. Which literary genre do you prefer? ….Biography and autobiography, especially the positive motivating ones.
  2. Which book do you know and love? ….Personal History, Katherine Graham
  3. Which book are you passionate about now? ….Find A Way, Diana Nyad
  4. Why did you start blogging?  ….To look deeper into myself as part of my personal growth, referenced through the growth of Fearsome.
  5. Order or Chaos? ….I find order through chaos. One must accept to grow. Our world is chaos yet order in one.
  6. Where would you like to live? ….Right here in San Diego. If I couldn’t live here San Fransisco, Seattle or Sydney in that order.
  7. Starry sky or sunset? ….Sunset
  8. Better the paper book or rather the e-book? ….Paper
  9. What is the writing for? Do you see it as a hobby or hoping for a future as a writer? ….The writing is for personal growth, betterment of myself. For now it’s a hobby, que sera sera whatever will be will be the futures not mine to see que sera sera. I feel one should never close their minds to possibilities.
  10. What do you think about social networks? ….They can be an asset, but like all things one should practice manners, respect, restraint and maintain etiquette. Sometimes (most times actually) less is more.


16 thoughts on “Honored

  1. Hmmmmm I see. Well, I’ll follow Rule 1, F.B., and accord you the most gracious thanks for nominating me. As to the other requirements, I hope you won’t think any less of me if I respectfully decline the nomination. Are reasons imperative? Well, here’s one – “I am not worthy!” Nevertheless I’m as chuffed as muck to have been included in your very select list of potentials. Muchas gracias otra vez, Senor!

    • I in no way ever would think any less of you. As far as the RULES go, they are merely suggestions and I don’t care for them much meeself. I liked Jacob’s 10 questions as they made me asses my own literary tendencies. Therefore I actually answered them.

  2. I, too, am honored for the nomination. I’d like to thank the Academy… No, let’s be honest… I’d like to see FB in the swimsuit competition.

  3. I like all five of the words used to describe the meaning. Thank you very much. I hope you’ll keep reading me. As I will you.

  4. My pleasure it was to nominate you – huge congratulations once more to yourself, and of course to those with whom you have shared the love. I’m only familiar with one, so I’ll look forward to checking the rest out.

    Keep doing what you’re doing!

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