Gratitude through beginning

One of my favorite lines to ever learn through a movie was Truvy’s line in Steel Magnolias. The line where she states that laughter through tears is her favorite emotion.

Desiring an inspiration to boost my morning, I stumbled upon this Justin Timberlake clip. May his insight give you the blessing it gives me.

Isn’t growth the point of this life? I’m sure grateful for the opportunity. Now let’s dance…



4 thoughts on “Gratitude through beginning

  1. We had just lost one of my favorite aunts at a young age when that movie came out. So during the scene where everyone is crying because of the daughter’s passing, it was pretty intense for my family, that’s when my favorite line came up where one woman tells another to hit a third to break the tension, and it did for us as well. I hope I have the correct movie or this comment will be weird.

    • You definitely have the correct movie in mind. That would be when Clarice grabs Ouizer and tells Malynn to hit her, hit Oiuzer. Truvy’s line that I refer to comes right after that scene.

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