Where we come from, where we go

I’m seated in 2E on the aisle of United flight 307, San Diego to Chicago. On my way to play landlord in Ft. Lauderdale. I am watching travelers board as I sit. It’s a good vantage point as everyone has to pass me on the way in.

It’s early, 6:25 am. Some are sleepy, others wide eyed. Parents give their young children guidance. Others only stare up at the overhead bins searching for that space. Most are quiet. A few smile.

The seat beside me is still empty. Who will be the one? Will they be quiet or a talker?

Where did all these travelers come from? Where are they going? Were they here on vacation? Business? Are they going on vacation or to see family? Are they off early on a business trip to seal up the biggest deal yet in their career? Or are they going to comfort a sick loved one?

Are they going to New York? Toledo? St. Louis? Richmond? Savanna? London? Rome?

Yesterday many lives were interrupted by an unecessary evil. May a ray of light enter the lives of those were affected. May Paris find peace today.  May everyone on my flight be blessed with safe travels and a smile along the way.

4 thoughts on “Where we come from, where we go

  1. I love traveling, I always ask the person seated next to me, “headed out or headed home?” About half of the time that starts a conversation about travel, where and why.

  2. Every once in a while I will cross paths with someone I know I will never see again and wonder if there was any cosmic significance or aftermath for doing so. You inspire me to write an entry.

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