Million Dollar Listing

Being in Real Estate Sales I’m constantly asked if I watch Million Dollar Listing. My answer is no. I sell in Southern California. I sell million dollar homes. I show them, list them and sell them. I know many agents who, like myself, sell the same.

We are nothing like those agents portrayed on television. We are down to earth, caring people. We don’t drive Ferraris, we wear regular clothes and we don’t constantly yell at people on the phone. We have families, we are involved in our community and we volunteer for charities. We help first time buyers buy an entry level $300,000 home with low down payment financing. We also sell wealthy people $3,000,000 homes for all cash.

One of us million dollar listing agents looks like this:

Fearsome Sells San Diego

Fearsome Sells San Diego…seriously

Reality TV is anything but reality. Television needs ratings to sell commercials. Real life doesn’t get the ratings sensationalized life does. I drive a plug-in hybrid Ford Fusion. I live in a very nice neighborhood in an very nice yet modest home. I wear flannel shirts. I’m involved with dog rescue. I am blessed… and I don’t drive a Ferrari or live in an over financed mansion.

Life is good, just plain and simple yet very very good.


10 thoughts on “Million Dollar Listing

  1. The people on MDL are relentless media whores. I have several friends who are real estate agents. They would never do a show like MDL or subject their clients to the world of reality TV. They, as I’m sure you do, would never sacrifice their client’s privacy for the sake of publicity.

  2. A good goal in life, to not be fodder for reality TV. I was in the business for 17 years in Florida, my average sale was something like $125,000 – I only went over $200,000 a few times. My best year was just over 6-million (1989.)

  3. I get asked that almost by every client who sits in my chair, but about all the tattoo shows and competitions on television these days. I always answer with an emphatic “No!” So much drama (from what I’m told, because they all have to relate the latest happenings). I never thought about it with people in other industries, but I guess it’d be like a doctor watching “E.R.”, an attorney watching “Law & Order”. Or like a hunter watching “Ghostfacers”. 😉

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