Learning curve

I was not up to speed. I had never paid real attention. I just went through the motions and hadn’t had the curiosity I should have had. I’m talking about No Shave November and I’m also talking about Movember.

They are two different things with a similar cause. I was peacefully unaware.

Having had a beard for 15 years and then some variation of facial hair for many years prior, I chose not to pay attention. Facial hair, I get it, I have it I love it. I got a lot of critisism in those dark years of the 1990s when it was anything but cool. So when it suddenly started to take a turn to the mainstream I was happy with the change, but wasn’t part of any movement. Therefore I missed out on the significance of what the month of November was for.

Mens Health. Period.

A blogger buddy got me up to speed yesterday when I was catching up on my reading. Movember is growing a mustache to raise awareness and No Shave November is growing a beard. I don’t know all the charities involved but do know that it not only raises monies for men’s health causes but is about men’s health in general.

There are many men who do not see a physician annually for a physical. So guys why not take a day off? Don’t watch a game or sit in an easy chair. Go see your doctor and get that physical then go to the gym, a brisk walk, swim or a run. Take care of your health for yourself as well as those you love.


6 thoughts on “Learning curve

  1. Fearsome, the nice thing about the two are that they welcome the female participation. Mo Sistas, for Movember and any lady who doesn’t want to shave (and donate the $ they would have spent on shaving products) for NSN.

    Thanks got the shout!

  2. I tried Movember last year. Even now I am still trying to erase the memory of what I looked like from my brain. At the time I actually said to the guy who works for me “I can’t stand looking in the mirror any more.” “Well don’t then,” was his reply.

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